Downtown Laredo Master Plan

Laredo, once the capital of The Republic of Rio Grande, today is the largest inland port in North America. The combination of its unique transnational position, its natural resources, and its prevalent Historical Character has allowed Laredo to thrive as a city for over 250 years. As an established center of the region, Laredo is an important hub for commerce and culture that creates a vibrant community historically recognized for its cultural exchange with Mexico.

Downtown Laredo, a historic jewel composed of four historic districts and 144 national registered historic buildings, has conquered the test of time, and in doing so, it has strongly knitted a dynamic and colorful culture that continues to prosper and stand out as a powerful symbol of the Rio Grande.

To celebrate its cultural heritage and ensure its economic vitality, The City of Laredo has initiated the development of a Downtown Master Plan that seeks to revitalize its urban core and promote riverfront development while preserving the river as a natural landscape. This master plan will also position Laredo as a cultural center that aims at attracting national and international tourism. The master plan will incorporate existing plans and initiatives such as El Portal, River Vega Plan, San Bernardo Corridor Redevelopment and the Main Street Program. This plan will result in the integration of land use, drainage, transportation, utilities, parks, and economic development plans that will ultimately produce a preferred vision for downtown and an implementation strategy for the future.

Laredo Downtown Master Plan

The Laredo Downtown Master Plan is currently being reviewed by City of Laredo staff for review and comments.

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